specially developed for office workers sit at desk in front of the computer or use a mobile phone regularly

Spray Stop Stress

relaxing spray Release tension, stress, fatigue in the neck, shoulders, back and other areas.
Feel the comfort, relax
I immediately felt better after using it.

How to use

Spray on areas that feel tired, tense, such as the nape of the neck, shoulders, back and other parts of the legs, arms.
Can be used as often as needed

suitable for

Sitting at work and using a computer regularly is at risk for office syndrome.

natural extracts

with the properties of natural extracts Work together to relieve stress.


reduce pain


enhances freshness  cool, relax


increase blood flow reduce inflammation
Helps prevent varicose veins


Effective in relieving pain, swelling, inflammation of muscles and joints. relieve tension


12 ml : 150 baht
60 ml : 290 baht

purchase channel

Has been standardized through the inspection of the FDA.
FDA notification number 14-1-6400026162 , FDA 14-1-6400047719