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travel kit for added comfort relax on your commute to work or Take your travel to the next level

Jet Lag symptoms are caused by not getting enough rest. make you feel refreshed and tormented. We would like to take care of you to be happy with Happy Flight Travel Set 

which consists of

#Anti Jetlag #Travel Set

Happy Flight: Features
Good Day.jpg


Aroma Spray

Helps to increase freshness, wake up fully, increase energy to the fullest. With pomelo extracts, sweet oranges, bergamot fruits, add mellowness with jasmine flowers, giving you the feeling of riding a tuk-tuk in a refreshing flower garden :D

Spray on the neck, shoulders, temples or on the pillow.

- Made from natural extracts in the area of Thailand

- No harmful chemicals

- No synthetic fragrances

How to use  

Good Day and Good Night Spray to spray on the neck, shoulders, temples or on the pillow.

Warm Walk is sprayed on the legs and feet.

Can spray continuously No dangerous drugs

In 1 set contains  

Spray, size 10 ml, number 3  bottle: Good Day, Good Night, Warm Walk

Cotton sachet embroidered with gold thread For putting the spray on the go

Price 540 baht

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Happy Flight: Text
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