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..BALANCE.. Work Life Gift Set: Welcome

..BALANCE.. Work Life Gift Set

gift set for good life There is balance :)

Gift Set, spa set, helps to balance life to work well. along with having a good life together

Inside the box contains Happy Work Spray 2 sizes, large bottle 60 ml, portable bottle 12 ml

Revitalizing Spray Relieve office syndrome, relieve pain, relieve stress with natural extracts. No dangerous drugs, steroids.

How to use: Spray on the pain area, shoulder pain, back, spray and leave it without massage.
Gets on clothes, doesn't leave stains

migraine headache throwing temples

Happy Flight Anti Jetlag Travel set 

Portable spa set for traveling 1 set to enhance the journey to be comfortable and relaxing.

which consists of Natural aroma spray 3 bottles with cloth pouch

GOOD DAY "สวัสดี"     Aroma Spray ช่วยเพิ่มความสดชื่น ตื่นเต็มตา ใช้พ่นบริเวณขมับ nape behind ear

GOOD NIGHT "Night"  Aroma Spray helps to relax, relieve stress. to fully relax sleep well Apply to the temples, nape of the neck, behind the ears.

WARM WALK "Sabaidee" Foot & Leg Spray helps reduce pain and swelling of the legs and feet while flying or walking for a long time, making you feel comfortable. like getting a foot massage used to spray on legs and feet

wish you happiness Enjoy your life :)

ask for more information or interested in ordering

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..BALANCE.. Work Life Gift Set: Product
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