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..BETTER.. Work Life Gift Set

Good work life gift set

Gift Set Spa set helps solve problems, increase happiness at work. give comfort It's like having a shoulder massage while working.

good quality hard box  Beautiful design with a greeting card and beautifully wrapped in a glass envelope.

Inside the box contains

Happy Work Spray     2 sizes

Big bottle 60 ml. It can be used to your heart's content, and portable bottle 12 ml.

Rejuvenation Spray  Relieve office syndrome, relieve pain, relieve stress with natural extracts. No dangerous drugs, steroids

How to use
  : Spray on the area of pain, shoulder pain, back, leave it on, no need to massage.
hits the clothes, does not leave stains

Migraine, headache, spraying temples

Everybody deserves to be happy.

Have a Happy Healthy Day!

wish you happiness Enjoy your work :)

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