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How can Happy Work Spray make the tight and tired parts more comfortable ?

with full bottle of natural extracts unified

  • Peppermint helps cool and refresh
  • Rosemary increases blood circulation. go to the tight muscles
  • Wintergreen relieves pain, relaxes muscles  

Can it really be sprayed through the shirt?

for comfort When using it, don't worry about messing up your shirt. Because we have developed Happy Work Spray that can be sprayed right through the shirt. without leaving stains does not hurt the fabric And we have tested it on all our own shirts, silk, satin, cotton, and all kinds of accessories to make everyone feel comfortable when using it.

How can migraine be solved?

Spray Happy Work Spray on the temples behind the ears, nape of the neck.
It will help relieve the pain. Makes me feel more comfortable 
It is recommended to use the spray head close to the temples. so that it won't get into your eyes

Spraying too often is it dangerous?

You can use it as often as you like. It's not dangerous.
It does not contain dangerous drugs, anesthetics or steroids. Full bottle of natural extracts Prepare to release the power to relax in every spray.

Who is 7Springs suitable for?

  • People who are stressed, tired, exhausted during the day and want to rest immediately.

  • sit and work all day at risk of office syndrome

Why do many people choose to use it?

  • is the power of nature spring extract add freshness to the good life

  • Work-life balance, work well and live a good life This is a dream

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